Securities Information

Class Ordinary shares  Preference shares  Convertible Preference shares  Warrants 
Issued share capital 637,142,481 99,467,730 198,189,014 3,066,533
Shares held in Treasury - - - -
Total voting rights in each class 637,142,481 99,467,730 198,189,014 3,066,533

(Updated 1 October 2018)

Raven Russia's Ordinary Shares, Preference Shares and Warrants are listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange and admitted to the official list of The International Stock Exchange Authority Limited ("TISEA"). Its Convertible Preference Shares are admitted to the TISEA Official List and trading on the SETSqx market of the London Stock Exchange.

Principal terms and conditions of Ordinary, Preference and Convertible Preference shares are outlined in Articles of Incorporation; whereas the Warrant Instrument contains detailed information on Raven Russia's Warrants.

Major Shareholders

Principal Ordinary Shareholders at 30 June 2018

Principal Preference Shareholders at 30 June 2018

Principal Convertible Preference Shareholders at 30 June 2018

Principal Warrant Holders at 30 June 2018